Help Vegetta777 rescue his little goat Vakypandy from Pigsaw.


Hero:Vegetta 777

Captured: Vakypandy

Villains: Pigsaw , Sweeny Tod, zombie clown, gangster, man with a red car, tank, lion , crocodile , evil Vegeta, Herobine, spider , enderman, enderdragon, zombie pigman

Others: Purple unicorn, Poppy, Willy, horse, girafe, elephant , monkey , sheep, duck, woman in a white car


  • The new Inkagame winner was Poppy.
  • Willy, a you tuber, was in this game.
  • After Vegetta was kicked by Vegeta, the you tuber appeared back at the first scene, where Pigsaw told him a new rule for Minecraft.
Vegetta Saw Game Walkthrough -COMPLETE - FULL-41:05

Vegetta Saw Game Walkthrough -COMPLETE - FULL-.

Previous game:
German Saw Game
Next game:
Scooby Doo Haunted House

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