About it

A game character refers to a character in a game, especially a video game or role-playing game. A character who is controlled or controllable by a player, typically a protagonist the game's plot.

In the game

In Cody's game we could see the characters in the video game, and they were in two arcade games:

The peach and the worm

In this game, the peach had to spray his tree's leafs with insicticide in order that the worm would get out from the tree.

In London

The game was in London, where there were three people: a man with a big head, a scoffer and a guard. The man with the big head had to give the guard a blue mouse that he would get scared and a white cat for the scoffer to have some company.



  • In Cody's game, both of the arcade games had the title: bufender bay. They had a yellow cloude and red words for the main title, light and dark blue, black and grey lower bodies.
  • Both needed some things, so that they could start their games. As both of their screens turned up green.
  • The first arcade game had to have insicticide for the game to begin.
  • The peach had white eyes, mouth, hands and feet, while the worm was short and light green.
  • The peach had doors in the tree, so that he would go in. And when he gets rid of the worm, he could go in safetly. And in that part, the game ends.
  • The peach was smiling all the way throught the game.
  • The second arcade game had to had a key and a white cat for the game to begin.
  • The man with the big head had a white suit and black shoes; the guard was seen in the traditional way; the scoffer had a wide happy face, blue T-shirt, green pants and black shoes.
  • The key was used to open the telephone booth, while the cat was a company for the scoffer.
  • On each side of the arcade's, disks appeared on the floor when Cody compleated the games.