About them

Or Waka Waka tribe as they call themselfs are a African tribe that have their belief in a powerful person or an animal.

In the game

In Bart's Island Escape, we see four Waka Waka people; one is out guarding the entrance, when three of them were worshiping a totem that had an eagle like head. As Bart cleared out the out-side sleeping guard with a coconut, he put on the mask of the fallen one and entered. One of them (supposedly the leader) made a heads-up at the unknown stranger passing by, when he remembered the person; that had the name: Shakawaka, but didn't saw any differences. After Bart took the totem, all rised as the leader asked him, why is he taking the sacret totem, as Bart said, that he will replace it with a cooler more fashioned totem. And seeing the new totem, the tribe was more immpressed and they kinda liked the new one and mentioning other comments, they sat down and started worshiping the new totem.



  • The Waka Waka tribe are mostly resembled as the Indigenous Australians.
  • They all have to wear the long oval brown colored masks, that are seem to be made by wood and natural colors of red, white and black. They also have different shapes of masks, so that they would know each other and also wearing yellow pants.
  • In the end of the game, there was only seen the leader of the tribe in Bart's home, as he had Homer's loving beer cann. It was also seen, that on the little table next to the couch was the fashioned totem head on.
  • In the end of the game, there was Sideshow Bob wearing a Waka Waka mask.