About him

Ivan Antonovich Vanko, also known as Whiplash, is a character that appears in Iron Man 2, and is the film's main antagonist. Ivan has long, white and black, rugged hair. He has a dark complexion and has a russian-like appearance.

He has a high-tech suit that has ion-based energy whips attached to spools, allowing them to be extended and reeled in when necessary.

In the game

In Fernanfloo's game he was waiting for Fenan to attack him, but in the end he was deffeated.

As Fernan stepped in the room, he quickly suit up in Ironman's suit. When Whiplash swings one of his electric whips, Fernan had 5 seconds to interact, holding the whip in one hand and pulling him near at him, so he could grab his Arc Reactor out from his suit (he also had to do that in 5 seconds), and making a finishing punch at him. When the Reactor was removed, the electricity of the whips shut down. They were then normal whips. Fernan punched him, so that Whiplash fell in the end of the room.



  • In Fernanfloo's game, he was seen as in the movie, but here he had black hair.
  • As Whiplash was out of power, he was frighten about what will Fernan do next.
  • In the room there was only the Hulkbuster armor suit.

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