Help the youtubers escape from the evil puppet's game!!


Heroes: Town, Fernan, German, Lelle, Rubius, Bers, Luzu, Mangel, Alexby, Dross, Willy, Staxx, Vegetta

Villains: Jeff the Killer, chiwawa , puppets, clown , zobmies, Jason, Pennywise, Mike Myers , cheetas (minecraft), Creeper, zombie on weel, a killer, guard, spider, bee, mad scientist, mouse, ghost, zombie clown, evil Vegetta, Darth Vader, shark, crab

Others: Princess Leila, eagle, Joda, Ismael Ocampos


  • As the Inkateam said, the game will be released for Christmas, it was released on the last day before New Year.
  • This time, Pigsaw did not said Merry Christmas in the ending, but he said it in the beginning - trailer.
  • They were all in different places.
  • The player could use the map to switch between the characters.
  • Ismael Ocampos was the newest winner of Inkagames, as he won the contest of Imitating Town.
  • The thirteenth youtuber was Alexby, as in the first trailer there were only 12, but the Inka Team has informed that there will be 13 youtubers.
  • Some places were very familiar in other games, ex. Dross's place seemed like from Obama in the Dark games; the beach that Luzu came was another from Obama's games.
  • The grave from Daisy Fisher, the actress from Princess Leaia, the year was from 1990 -2016, so she was 26 when she died, but in the game, we could see a younger girl, in her 10 years.
  • Inka Team has made a bit of updates to the game. At the beginning of the trailer it was shown a box that contained a message: That the player can change the reading time and other things in the tools. Also an arrow was shown, so the players would know where it is.
  • Rubius is different then in the previous game.
  • In Luzu's location, the island he was on, was much longer. On the other side it has a brick wall, and as he went to the other side of it, he could pick up the tools, but had to escape from the crab.
  • And now, ALL youtubers were free (also Rubius), but in the end Pigsaw said: Poor Rubius, he doesn't know I am going to kidnapp him again.
  • It is the first time, that Inka Team, made a difference in the game, when the game was already played.
Youtubers saw game walkthrough -COMPLETE - FULL-18:01

Youtubers saw game walkthrough -COMPLETE - FULL-

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