Youtubers Saw Game 2 is an upcoming game


The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped the well known youtubers Lyna, Moonkase, Lili Cross, ManoloTEVE, Town, Rovi23 and German to force them play his twisted game and that way take revenge for having upload lots of videos solving several saw games. Help them escape safe and sound!


Heroes: Town, German, Lyna, Rovi23, Lili Cross, Moonkase, ManoloTEVE

Villains: Pigface, Pigsaw


  • Town and German are the only Youtubers from Youtubers Saw Game to return in this game
  • Town's sprite has been updated and now he wears the winter cap that his real life counterpart has been wearing since 2015 prior the launch of Town Saw Game's trailer.
  • Lyna, Rovi, Lili and Manolo recorded their own reaction about being kidnapped by Pigsaw in the game. This videos can be seen by clicking their buttons while for Town, German and Moonkase will mark offline as these three youtubers have not recorded their own reactions.
  • All of the choosen Youtubers have done videos playing previous games developed by Inkagames.
Previous game:
Obama in the Dark 4
Next game:
Donald Trump Saw Game

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