The Youtubers Saw Game series is a group of Saw Games involving famous Spanish YouTubers.


After the famous Spanish YouTuber iTownGamePlay uploaded videos playing Slenderman saw game and Adventure Time Saw game, the Inka Team was motivated to create a Saw Game involving Town as a thanks for playing their games. Later the team announced on Facebook that they were developing a game titled Youtubers Saw Game and it will feature Town and four other YouTubers chosen by fans. The four chosen YouTubers were: Fernanfloo, HolaSoyGerman, Vegetta777 and ElRubiusOMG. Later the crew revealed via Futurama Saw Game that before YouTubers Saw Game, each youtuber will have first their own Saw Game.


Individual Games

Youtubers Saw Games


  • Untitled German and Lele Saw Game (announced/unconfirmed)

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