About him

Captain Zapp Brannigan is an egotistical military officer for the Democratic Order of Planets and Earth's Government of at least a Captain: usually of the Earth Ship Nimbus, but briefly of the luxury liner Titanic. He has blond hair, crimson red-golden jacket-dress, black-gold belt, white gloves and large boots.

In the game

In Fry's game, he was seen standing near the museum. He couldn't let anyone in, except Pigsaw.

He said, that he was hired by Pigsaw and that he was told not to open to anyone. As Pigsaw (which Marucio was wearing a mask) came to him, he was shocked. He asked him why he is so tall and why are his arms so long, but as Pigsaw said, that he doesn't likes to be questioned and other people would like to have more money then him, Zapp appologized. He deactivated the lasers as Pigsaw told him to, as he entered. And as Pigsaw came out, Zapp made activated the lasers on again. He was happy when Pigsaw said, that he needs to remind him to pay him 3 times more.



  • In Fry's game he was seen as in the series, but he wears blue pants in the game.

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