About him

Zombies are enemies in Plants vs. Zombies, and the most basic ones. They return in Plants vs. Zombies 2 with world-themed variants.

In the game

In Cody Saw Game, there was a zombie from Plants vs. Zombies. He was seen in a yellow room where he was waiting for anyone to come near by. To kill him, Cody has to throw a candy. The zombie then smells the Candy and goes to it when he grabs the candy and eats it. Then, Cody has to use a peashooter (which is also from Plants vs. Zombies) to shoot the zombie directly on the head.



  • In Cody Saw Game, the candy's smell was a white cloud, so that it would be seen how the smell went towards the zombie's nose.
  • Cody had only 5 seconds to fire a blast from the peashooter.

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