Game description

Help Criss Angel escape from a zombie infested prison!


Hero: Criss Angel

Villains: Zombie doctor, zombie guard, zombie riddler, zombie athlete, zombie Doofensmirtz, zombie Chapo, zombie in the messhall, zombie Hulk, zombie Harley Quinn, zombie Joker, zombie cook, zombie guard (outside)

Others: Joaquin Barboza, termite, shark


  • When the player clicks on one object, example: a capsule of acid, bellow the inventory with green words say to the player, that he selected an inventory item and he needs to click wherever he wants to apply it.
  • Joaquin Barboza was the new inkagame winner, as he had to imitate Town for the contest.

Criss Angel Zombie Prison Escape Walkthrough (Inkagames)

Criss Angel Zombie Prison Escape Walkthrough (Inkagames)

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