About him

Zoo Workers work in the zoo's. As part of their routine, they may clean the exhibits and report health problems. They may also be involved in scientific research or public education, such as conducting tours and answering questions.

In the game

In Cody's Crazy Zoo, he was seen near the turtles lair, where he was next to the empty animal cell. In second part, Cody handed over the monkeys in the shell.



  • When Cody asked him, why he is sad, the worker said, that he had a task to catch the monkeys for an annual bath, but the monkeys doesn't let him get them. And if he doesn't catch them soon, his boss will fire him.
  • When Cody put the monkeys in the cage, it automatically closed.
  • The worker gave Cody a photograph and a dollar.
  • This page may be familiar to the Zookeeper.